Enrollment /Application Procedures

  • Identify your preferred scheduled short course on our training calendar or request for a customized course or in-house course
  • Check your preferred venue ( South Africa, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, UAE, Netherlands), dates, and course duration.
  • Submit your application using email, online application or call the Programmes Coordinator
  • On receipt of completed application for training course request, you will be sent acceptance letter, invoice, accommodation details, information on VISAs and Bank details for tuition fees transfer via SWIFT Bank Transfer. It is also acceptable to bring cash.

In cases where you need a VISA to come to the training centre of your choice, then you need to apply for a business VISA from the nearest embassy for the country you are going to. Immediately after getting your internal approvals send scanned copies of your passport (face/data page) together with support letter from employer/sponsor. Once it’s approved the scanned copy will be send to you for endorsement in your passport on arrival.