29 May 2018

Africa Institute for Capacity Development (AICD) Trains Malawi Legal Aid Bureau Lawyers


Justice rendering institutions’ officers in Malawi will undergo a six days training with an aim of improving institutional capacities and coordination mechanisms of oversight institutions under ‘Chilungamo’ Programme.

The African Institute for Capacity Development, (AICD) Malawi Country Director, Anna Sanga explained that, the training will have  two cohorts that will  run from 31 May  to 1 June 2018 and from 5 to 7 June 2018 respectively, at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe, Malawi.

“We want the Malawi Legal Aid Bureau (LAB) and other legal and justice providing institutions to effectively discharge its mandate by helping employees to minimize immoral behaviour that can compromise LAB performance, reputation and credibility.

“Areas of interest are good governance, sustainable Agriculture and Secondary education plus vocational training, through the jointly developed National Indicative Programme (NIP) that rolled out in 2014 and concludes by 2020,” Sanga said.

She added that, ‘Chilungamo’ programme whose overall objective is to contribute to a dignified life in Malawi, through enforcing accountability in government, informed democratic choice, and humane and effective delivery of justice will realize its aims by sticking to professionalism, ethics and integrity.

The AICD tailor- made training course for Lilongwe Legal Aid Bureau will have other institutional participants like, the Office of the Ombudsman, Malawi Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Police and Prison Service, Malawi Electoral Commission and the National Registration Bureau among others.

The ‘Chilungamo’ programme is being implemented with financial assistance from 11th European Development Fund, after signing a financial pact with Malawi government in 2016.

AICD is a South African based  leading human resource development institute with branches in Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Dubai and South Africa, and it is headquartered in Gauteng, South Africa that provides training, short courses in various fields  such as management, finance, policy, energy, mining, environment, development, legal and many areas.


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