27 Nov 2017

AICD Imparts New Human Resources Management and Development Skills

The  Participants from the just ended office human resources managers have recommended the services that was delivered at the training that it will assist them perform wonders in their respective institutions.

Participants made these remarks at Capital Hotel in Lilongwe after a two week training that was organized by South African based international organization called Africa Institute for Capacity Development (AICD).

Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Human Resource Consultant, Rangford Munthali said no-one can be over educated hence the need for such training that revive and impart new working skills.

“I have identified my weakness where I should improve on, yet all along I was thinking all was rosy with my service delivery only to realize now.

“No one on earth can be over educated, these refresher courses are very helpful if organizations envision to successfully meet their desired goals,” Munthali said.

He described HRM as a cross cutting profession that is pivotal for the institution development to be realized.

“I had a lot of complaints with our clients at my office, this will stop following the knowledge I have accumulated through this AICD training.

“Human capital is the most important resource, it provides strategic direction hence this training has helped us a lot to be able to appreciate that our employees need conducive working environment in all aspects,” he stated.

AICD Malawi Country Director, Anna Sanga Ndege said that  today’s world is very competitive that requires one to add extra skills in order to be ahead of others hence the uniqueness of the training.

“We have tackled health and safety at work place, HR planning, collective bargaining and employee relations just to name a few.

“Organization must have well informative signs like emergency exists, safety areas so that visitors are not in trouble in times of eventualities an element ignored by many organizations in the country,” Ndege pointed out.

She hinted that poor labelling of signs at the office premises would make organizations lose money in paying damages to any visitors affected in times of unforeseeable circumstances.

“Institutions must invest in training employees, it surely helps them deliver beyond expectations. I appeal for these training courses to be taken seriously at all levels of employment,” she said.

The two week training run from 13 to 24 November, 2017 with participants from 17 government and private institutions in the country.

AICD a South Africa based organization with branches in most parts of the world, offers seminars, on-job trainings and courses on various topics internationally.

For more read http://www.manaonline.gov.mw/index.php/national/general/item/6929-aicd-says-hrm-training-imparts-new-skills-in-employees


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